Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) Application Process


The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) works to help employers ensure they have knowledge and trained staff, paying up to two-thirds of third party training. The CMC courses offered by Abinsi (as well as many other courses) do qualify for this program. Below is a quick summary of the process, forms, and links to other information you may require to apply for this grant.

In order to qualify you must apply for the grant at least 30 days in advance.

Read all instructions and forms before submitting anything to ensure everything is processed correctly.

For full grant details and requirements please review the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application Guide and website.


First thing first, this is an employer driven program - meaning the organization must agree to send your for the training. If you are an individual looking to apply speak with your boss about the courses and assistance applying for the grant.


*Note: Please use Explorer to open forms (government requirement)

Step 1:

Submit the CAJG Application Form (see below for specific form links) and CAJG Trainee Form (2 separate forms - to be submitted together) for approval. One form per course to be approved. Once these forms have been submitted you may choose to wait for approval before registering; or if you are confident it will be approved and to ensure your spot you may choose to proceed with step two prior to receiving approval. For information on Abinsi refunds, please see our Refund Policy.

CAJG Application Form for CMC Essentials of Management Consulting - be sure to verify all information is complete and correct.

CAJG Application Form for CMC Ethical Behaviour - be sure to verify all information is complete and correct.

CAJG Application Form - blank general


Step 2:

Once you grant has been approved proceed to register and pay in full for the desired training courses. Complete the CAJG Reimbursement Form. For more than one course, submit all receipts at the same time on one form. Once this form is processed you will be reimbursed for one-third of the total eligible training costs.


Step 3: 

Immediately after training is complete,  fill out and submit the CAJG Training Completion Form. This will release the second third of total eligible training costs to be sent to you. The final one-third and any other costs that do not qualify for the grant is the portion of the training you are responsible for paying.


 For a detailed list of eligible costs and who qualifies for the grant review the Applicant Guide.