Business Communications

Abinsi’s Expand Your Reach program helps clients increase sales by setting goals and developing communications that reach targeted stakeholders. Our communications experts will assess existing abilities and help develop a communications strategy that integrates brand, lead development, product sales, and service delivery activities.

Develop Goals, a Strategy, and an Action Plan: We work with clients to develop a communications strategy that defines core objectives and approaches to reach their stakeholders. The strategy can be used as a foundation when developing communications materials. Abinsi helps to define clear goals and identify affordable channels to reach your stakeholders. Furthermore, we will work to establish processes to manage the effectiveness of communications that support awareness, sales, and product support activities.

Build Your Brand: Your brand is a significant asset - a foundation that supports all your communications. Your brand should communicate your personality and key differentiation statements. We can help develop your brand and the messages it conveys. Consider developing a Brand Prism with Abinsi. This engagement documents the attributes of your brand as it supports your core strategy. Once developed, the Brand Prism becomes an integral part of your communications strategy.

Manage Your Channels: Measuring the effectiveness of your channels is important; we can help increase the effectiveness of your Internet investments through web analytics and recommend SEO and SEM activities to direct traffic to your website. We also help clients with integrating Internet channels with traditional communications such as print, word of mouth, and customer-care services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes are an important component of your overall communications strategy. Abinsi can help you develop effective CRM processes that support staff involved in sales and product support. Are you listening effectively to the needs of your customers? Can they reach the right departments within your organization?