About CMC-Alberta

The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta (known as CMC-Alberta) is the regulatory authority for provisional registrants, CMCs and FCMCs in Alberta. Its role is complemented by CMC-Canada, which provides membership services.


CMC-Alberta supports and regulates management consulting activities in Alberta through professional development, networking events, advocacy, and promotion of the CMC designation. CMC-Alberta, through regulation of the CMC designation, maintains professional standards and ethics that customers expect when engaging a management consultant.

Regulatory Body for Alberta


CMC-Alberta is regulated by the Certified Management Consultants Regulation, under the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act which is a respected self-governing professional association operating in Alberta since 1991. CMC-Alberta is required by Provincial regulation to be governed by a Board of Directors. Members must abide by professional and ethical standards. The legislation identifies governance committees, such as Registration and Practice Review, and provides for investigation of written complaints, cancellation, suspension and reinstatement of registration.


The terms "Certified Management Consultant" and "Fellow Certified Management Consultant" and their respective initials are protected titles that cannot be used by those who are not Institute members.