Dale Parr,


Ph.D., R.Psych


Dale Parr has developed and delivered dozens of successful corporate/educational training programs and seminars, while also establishing skills in administration, marketing and the management of human resources.  He has put together infrastructure teams comprised of researchers, psychologists and educators who were flexible, efficient and goal oriented.  Subsequently, he captained project oriented teams with extensive expertise in organizational psychology, training and facilitation, Aboriginal education, interdisciplinary rehabilitation, motivation, and client satisfaction. 

Dale's approach to consulting is strategically oriented and outcome based.  His many years as an educator, therapist and public speaker have allowed him to develop the communication skills which allow him to appreciate and be sensitive to a client’s needs, while concomitantly establishing functional strategies which specifically reflect a client’s culture. 

In addition to his abilities in organizational management and personal development, Dale has utilized his quantitative and qualitative training to assist parties in reconciling different points of view through a variety of mediated and problem-solving strategies.


"My Passion: Leadership and its role in facilitating change. Mahatma Gandhi stated that if you want change, then you have to firstly change yourself. Consequently, in my consulting projects, I monitor my own efficacy and growth as a leader, and as a leader  of change in the project. As we move through time and space, change is inevitable-from a cellular perspective we are completely different every seven years. Given this inevitability, the challenge and passion is to lead strategically and operationally by example whenever possible."


- Dale Parr