Diana Shaw,


B.Sc. (Hons), M.SC., Ph.D.


Diana has extensive experience in strategic planning, which includes writing, reviewing and analyzing business plans. As a senior consultant with Abinsi she has worked to determine key business priorities, driving development of standard operating procedures, process mapping, budgeting, organization structure, human and equipment resources.Diana has developed outcomes and product driven research initiatives involving interdisciplinary teams with multiple sponsors, as well as assisted in writing and filing patents, prepared office actions, managed IP portfolios, explored joint venture opportunities, licensing and alternative protection strategies. Diana has a deep understanding of technology commercialization, including licensing and joint ventures.


"My Passion: Companies often require an independent perspective to assist in identifying core competencies and to focus on these to achieve their true potential. "Out-of-the-box" thinking that challenges the "norm" or "group-think" is critical when defining strategic goals and business plans. My skills and experiences within Alberta's diversifying economy support  companies that are commercializing products and addressing growth-related transition. I have a thorough understanding of government, academic, healthcare, and industrial environments. I enjoy multidisciplinary interactions and applying innovative solutions that support corporate development."


-Diana Shaw