Heidi Schurman,

Business Development & Business Analyst

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Heidi is known for her ability to analyze, identify patterns and ask key strategic questions. She is able to pull a group of people together on a task in an engaging, positive and collaborative fashion and has the ability to approach to a repeating frustrating problem with a fresh perspective. Heidi thrives on complex problem solving and clear communication applying her natural creativity to help develop effective solutions.


Heidi has worked extensively with small businesses over the past eight years and has a wide range of competencies including: exceptional interpersonal and communication skills; financial analysis and commercial financing; business plan development and evaluation; operational procedures and quality checks.


"I am fascinated by people; combining my business knowledge with my knack for understanding allows me to inspire people to work towards better, more harmonious business practices. I am passionate about working with organizations to create effective structure and process that engages and motivates people to be collaborative in its execution resulting in significant contributions to business and society."

-Heidi Schurman