Internet Strategies


Effective internet strategies involve more than building a website. Abinsi helps communications teams to navigate through the many aspects of using the internet to extend your brand reach. We start with a review of your communications strategy and an assessment of existing channels used to reach stakeholders. The outcome is a summary of strengths, challenges, and gaps. We will celebrate the strengths and identify ways they can be leveraged; we will identify ways to avoid “rabbit-holes” and administrative challenges; and we will identify gaps that are potentially costing you sales and increasing service delivery costs.

We develop internet strategies based on business objectives; technologies are selected because of the value they represent. The design of website content and the selection of social media channels is product dependent. We work with your team to identify communication objectives and the best way to integrate these through a selection of digital and traditional channels that reach stakeholders at different phases of the buy-cycle.

Once a strategy has been determined, Abinsi can assist with managing your ongoing promotional campaigns by developing core messages, designing graphics, modifying website content, managing social media channels, and tracking performance. Use our expertise to launch a proactive internet campaign that is strategic to increasing your revenue.