Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)


    Abinsi recognizes that many mid-sized organizations lack the resources to formally implement quality programs such as ISO, ITIL, and COBIT. Transition within these organizations (e.g. growth or staff turn-over) makes it difficult to maintain conformance to formally documented processes. At the same time, productivity within these organizations is often hindered when IT capabilities fail to support organizational growth.

    We approach IT Service Management (ITSM) using a dynamic maturity-model that governs the incremental development of repeatable processes, performance metrics, and technical documentation. The framework is effective for organizations in transition because it focuses on specific needs based on identified weakness or threats to the organization.

    Our ITSM framework implements a manageable light-weight approach suitable for mid-sized organizations. We implement a service orientated architecture that follows ITIL, COBIT, and PMI best practices. Contact Abinsi for a complete description of this architecture, and how it supports configuration management, asset management, and processes that ensure sustainable delivery of defined service levels.