Organization Design


Abinsi uses an organizational competency framework that decomposes the organization into core competencies, primary processes, and business units. The framework subsequently defines roles and performance metrics for the business units as part of a broad accountability model that controls interactions between the various parts of the organization. The framework can be used to set operational targets, identify bottlenecks, identify misalignment, establish internal communication channels, identify priorities, and plan/priorities strategic projects.

It’s time to review the organization model when: business priorities are changed, revenue has increased substantially, teams are not aligned, accountability is unclear, staff are over/under worked, core processes are out of control, or change (related to product offerings, technology, or accounting) is being introduced.

Abinsi’s consulting team brings experience and external perspective when modeling existing and future-state organizational structures. We challenge current thinking and refine existing capabilities as the future-state model is developed using the competency framework. The outcome: a simple to understand, easy to communicate organization model that defines performance metrics, how business units interact, and how managers are accountable to their responsibilities.