Our Accomplishments

Abinsi provides innovative consulting, leadership services, and unique products that enable customers to excel in their core area of business.  We work collaboratively with cross-organizational stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences that accelerate growth within the community.  We are honoured to be involved in many interesting projects that enhance the capabilities of our clients, enabling them to reach their goals. The following is a sample  of some of our recent engagements (some companies are named, other engagements are presented generically).


Abinsi helps businesses define their position in the marketplace through a "Branding Prism" exercise designed to assess core competencies and market differentiators. This exercise identifies gaps, areas of potential conflict, and core messages that support internal and external communications.


  • Bugera Matheson Gallery needed support when its ownership transitioned due to a retirement. Abinsi helped the new owner to re-launch the gallery through a set of transition activities that confirmed the gallery's current reputation reinforced the owner's commitment to build on existing traditions, and developed new services to enhance its relationships with its stakeholders.


    • Alberta ICT Industry Association needed a leader to produce a magazine to highlight the capabilities of Alberta's Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry. The magazine includes a number of articles, advertisements, and features a "State of the Industry" (SOTI) report for Alberta's ICT industry.  Abinsi's responsibilities for producing the magazine included project management, selection of articles, coordination of contributing authors, advertising, page layout, print production, and creation of the SOTI report.  Abinsi collaborated with Deloitte, who was responsible for distributing the survey and compiling participant submissions for the SOTI report. The magazine was designed to increase awareness of Alberta's ICT industry, encourage export, facilitate cooperation within Alberta's ICT industry, and promote consumption of Alberta's ICT products and services. Review the magazine.
    • Working for the Alberta ICT Industry Association, Abinsi was directly involved with expanding the reach of the organization by developing the "Alberta ICT" brand and establishing Internet and direct channels to reach its constituents. Our involvement in the Alberta ICT Council contributed to the growth of the organization and its recognition as a leader in Alberta's ICT community.
    • Impacting your reach sometimes involves changing the attitude of leaders in the organization. BuidTech Resources, an Edmonton-based Civil Engineering company, leveraged Abinsi to work with their management team. We delivered expanded revenue opportunities with new ideas, business repositioning, improved confidence, and a solidified client approach.
    • Abinsi works to develop portal Solutions that support cooperation and sharing of data between multiple organizations. Lifestyle Solutions and  Alberta Venture Factory are two examples of portal solutions where each organization works with suppliers and customers in a collaborative environment to achieve economies of scale, data sharing, and repeatable business processes.


    • Accelerating a business involves developing a number of factors including: strategic goals, decision making processes, financing, brand and product awareness strategy, and enabling employees. Abinsi helps organizations through these factors by facilitating visioning sessions and management retreats. We work directly with presidents and directors during the development of business priorities, communication strategies, and product development. We bring an external perspective to our projects that reduces internal bias, smooths dialogue, and introduces industry and market knowledge. Outcomes of our projects have included the development of strategic plans, definition of managerial roles and responsibilities, and creation of performance metrics.
    • Old habits die hard - sometimes companies must address transition challenges that hold back growth plans. Abinsi works with organizations during the introduction of new processes and tools. Our transition projects combine communications, training, and progress-tracking through an established environment that is safe for participants to effect change.
    • Accelerating a business can involve implementing the right tools. It has been estimated that Information Technology (IT) is responsible for 80% of productivity enhancements. Abinsi's core competency in IT has been used to improve business processes by providing the right information at the right time, or by automating calculations. We have developed solutions for "niche calculators" and enterprise solutions that manage core processes within an organization.
    • Accelerate your organization with well trained employees. Abinsi offers Project Management training for teams involved in projects (suitable for project managers and team members). We also provide training on risk management and configuration of project control offices.


    • Abinsi's project management capabilities have been developed into a core competency that supports our internal and external projects. We have been involved with developing project management processes for a number of organizations, including Norquest College, CASA, and the Government of Alberta. We have developed a program management methodology that integrates best practices from the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT). We have implemented our program management as a framework for project selection, execution, transition to operations, and performance metrics.

    • Abinsi performs external project reviews and has been involved in activities to re-establish control of troubled projects. Our experiences include the recovery and realignment of large software development projects, and establishing reporting processes to convey information and address issues that require sponsor intervention.

    • We are passionate about optimization opportunities related to health informatics. Through his career, Patrick Binns has been involved with several mutli-million dollar projects involving IT systems that improve health care delivery. While there have been improvements in health care delivery, increasing costs and demands are stressing our health systems.
    • The development of the Telehealth Change Management Repository is one example of creating and implementing a resource used to share expertise in deploying and operating Telehealth and Telemedicine programs on a provincial scale. The project involved collaboration with leaders across Canada, the collection of hundreds of resource materials, and creation of a web-based repository that could be used to distribute secured and unsecured documents to core stakeholders and to the general public.