Our Industry Experience


Abinsi helps organizations implement business processes and develop resources necessary to reach their goals. We apply industry best practices and information technology to do this. Abinsi is not a technology company. Our consultants identify opportunities to improve the business; We recommend technology as part of our solutions when business benefits are clearly understood.


Abinsi is constantly building its base of industry knowledge through consulting teams that work across multiple organizations in various sectors. Our experience includes government services, manufacturing, workforce management, health informatics, and eLearning.


Government Services

Our clients are dedicated people who want to strengthen our country through effective government services.  Innovative thinking is required for modern governments to achieve these goals.  Abinsi supports innovation through facilitation, future-state modeling, and design of  governance frameworks that assist with priority management, project selection, and ongoing program management.


Successful manufacturing companies are well positioned in their market place; they follow a strategy that balances growth and risk tolerance. Abinsi works with small and medium-sized manufacturers to develop business strategies that develop core competencies, differentiation statements, and implementation planning.  We work with manufacturers to out-maneuver and out-execute their competition by excelling in their areas of business. We also help manufacturers reach their internal and external stakeholders through communication campaigns designed to increase cooperation, productivity, and brand awareness.

Workforce Management

Abinsi is strategically positioned to assist organizations involved with trade unions, including trade suppliers, consumers, and union locals. Our objective in this industry sector is establishing processes that enable effective and skilled work forces. Our projects address: strategic visioning, communications, dispatch processes, training services, and skills management. We are currently working with union organizations to identify ways to improve labour force efficiency through training programs, dispatch services, and long-term career planning. 

Health Informatics

Health care delivery is evolving as a direct result of eHealth technologies such as electronic health records, Telehealth, electronic medical devices, and communication technology. Rising costs, accessibility, and increasing demand are stressing existing health care systems. Change to aged paper-based processes is becoming imperative as rising health care costs are easily outpacing annual GDP growth. Abinsi's experiences in this sector include: solution architecture, process design, privacy issues, information management processes,  and software services. We have supported practitioner groups, health regions, and governments.

Abinsi has developed  a future-state model for health care processes based on a community network that addresses connectivity, security, transparency, and long-term extendability. Contact us if you are interested in our definition of "community" and our strategy to overcome the known challenges of eliminating paper. We offer services to improve service delivery in the health sector through process redesign and implementation of appropriate data exchange.

Education & eLearning

Online learning technology is changing the way educators reach students. Education processes are changing also as industries grapple with increasing change, mobility, and complexity in the workforce. Universities are facing complex issues related to accessing instructors, managing distance learning processes, and integrating eLearning processes. Abinsi shares an interest in education and has worked with several public sector educators and government organizations involved with implementing and supporting eLearning processes. We are specifically interested in working with companies to develop industry-based training services that leverage eLearning technologies.