Our Methodologies


We recognize the importance of methodologies and how they contribute to product quality and service consistency.  Abinsi uses a number of methodologies to support future state modelling and project delivery activities.  Specific to IT-enabled transition projects, Abinsi's delivery approach integrates ITIL, COBIT, and PMBOK methodologies to increase quality and effectiveness of our solutions over their entire life expectancy.  Our approach improves process quality, product quality, and performance to business objectives.  It is about doing the right things, not just doing things right.  Methodologies we use on a regular basis:

  • Organization Competency Model (Abinsi)
  • Project Management (PMBOK)
  • Program Management (PMBOK)
  • Risk Management (PMBOK, RiskIT)
  • Control Metrics, Business Continuity, Process Maturity (COBIT, RiskIT, ValIT)
  • Business Analysis (BABOK)

Our Internal Assets

  • Abinsi's Project Kick-off Kit (Project Management)
  • ITSM & Program Management Framework
  • Business Continuity Planning Framework
  • Abinsi's SteelWire Application framework (Visual Studio .Net using C# and SQL Server)

Addressing Specific Needs


Following a methodology is important, but more important is understanding how it should be incorporated into your organization in the current and near future as your organization grows. Often a light-weight approach that encourages sustainable transition is preferred to a full implementation of a methodology. We approach introducing changes at key control points that can then be leveraged through natural transition supported by continuous process improvement initiatives.