SpeedStormâ„¢ Workshops

'SpeedStorm' is a facilitated workshop process that organizations can use to quickly identify challenges and/or opportunities related to operational activities. The workshops are  designed for 10-40 people; activities include orientation, focus, discussion, and outcome harvesting. SpeedStorm is a unique in its approach to identifying topics, assigning roles, controlling discussion, and facilitating decisions. A SpeedStorm engagement is designed to create a safe environment for discussing controversial topics.


Abinsi's SpeedStorm engagements include pre-event design, event planning, facilitation, and outcome harvesting. Engagements typically involve 25-40 hours of effort from our consulting team. Outcomes can be significant to your organization.


  • Objectives are formally described
  • Questions and/or topics are structured for discussion
  • Questions and/or topic discussions are facilitated
  • Participant feedback is collected and compiled
  • Areas of uncertainty or differing opinions are identified
  • Potential solution options are identified


SpeedStorm can be used in conjunction with other data gathering activities including surveying and focus groups. SpeedStorm is a tried and proven process that generates results.