Strategic Planning


Abinsi helps customers develop strategic business plans; plans to inspire stakeholders and communicate direction to internal staff. A well-documented strategic plan can be used to secure funding, align senior managers, provide a basis for risk-reward decisions, and set priorities of capital projects and operational activities. Strategic plans enable accountability and performance management; senior managers can decompose and delegate plan goals to members of the organization. Performance to these goals can be monitored and controlled. A strategic business plan does not have to be complex; however, strategic dimensions of your business and top-level goals need to be clearly defined.

Abinsi works with senior managers through interviews and facilitated sessions to identify and define strategic direction. Once identified, we work to document the strategy in ways that can be communicated to managers, staff, and external stakeholders. Finally, we work with senior managers to establish processes to engage and track activities that support the strategy. The result – an aligned organization that is working cohesively to reduce barriers and develop capabilities required to attain clearly defined goals.

Abinsi offers a “Brand Prism” assessment, a short engagement involving interviews to capture and document core aspects of your business. This assessment can be conducted in conjunction with a management retreat to define top-level attributes of your company’s brand. The Brand Prism documents your vision, mission, principles, goals, and differentiating statements. It also defines your target markets and value proposition to these markets