Transition Management

Change within your business is inevitable – growth in sales, staffing, product distribution, internal processes, regulatory changes, and technology are all drivers of change. How organizations manage change through transition activities is critical. Our transition management experts work with your organization to identify, plan, and implement activities to accept change within the organization.

During a transition management engagement we first identify the driver(s) of change and the scope of impact to the organization. We then plan transition activities to introduce the change to stakeholders and mitigate business risks during implementation. We work with subject matter experts to develop communications and training materials that will be used during the rollout. Rollout activities engage stakeholders through communications, training, and integrating feedback. Resistance is managed and change is reinforced through the transition engagement.

Transition activities may be a drain on existing resources who are already dealing with heavy workloads. Launching a transition project with Abinsi reduces the chances of distraction, allows your team to manage operations during the transition, and leverages our best-practices in transition management.