Reviews & Assessments


Abinsi provides an unbiased perspective when assessing your existing capabilities. Or process involves an initial interview that defines the objectives for the review. We subsequently prepare interview guides using existing templates and industry methodologies. Information is gathered through a series of inspections and/or interviews and then compiled into an outcome report that summarizes findings and develops recommendations. Broader reviews may involve the use of focus groups or survey tools to collect information from identified stakeholders.

Request a review or assessment when: your team lacks subject-matter expertise, you want an external perspective that removes internal bias, you require a “second opinion”, you need to be anonymous when gathering information or when making recommendations. We specialize in: strategy reviews, business continuity, project recovery, productivity assessments, production management, priority management, and IT Service Management (ITSM).

Performance Reviews


External productivity reviews can be used to assess your capabilities and define meaningful metrics to measure individual and organizational performance. How do you measure performance? Are you measuring the right things? Are you managing symptoms instead of root-cause problems?

Using an outcome approach, our productivity reviews use a "top-down" methodology - what are the organization's objectives, how did the business units contribute to these objectives, and how well did individuals support core activities within and across these business units?  The scope of the review can be restricted to specific products or processes. Expect recommendations to integrate people, assets and processes with the broader organization's environment.

We develop reporting systems that work. After a performance review, we offer change management services to assist your team with implementing recommendations and develop accountability models that support your core business objectives. The outcome: teams doing the right things right.